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Eschbach Performance K9, LLC, is a small Family Owned home-based collective that provides an array of advanced Dog Training & Behavior Modification Services using science-based methods and practices formed from the latest in peer-reviewed research, modern canine related studies, and other areas such as "Canine Cognition", "Classical Conditioning", and "Operant Conditioning" along with other affiliated clinical and observational data, trials, and studies carried out by many of the world's most renowned canine behaviorists, scientists, and psychologists around the world.

Each individual canine's genetic makeup and environmental experiences result in unique behavioral blends of intelligence levels, temperaments, drive thresholds, and other behavioral traits that are all unique per each specific dog. EPK takes advantage of this by custom tailoring every Dog Training regimen around the unique blend of behavioral traits, strengths, and weaknesses of each specific dog. This not only allows for unrivaled results by tapping into the dog's greatest potential, but it does so without sacrificing the dog's confidence, drives, or emotional stability like many "one size fits all" approaches and methods from decades past. To learn more in-depth about EPK training philosophies, techniques, and methods Click Here.

Private Tutoring (1-on-1 private sessions)

Private 1-on-1 Sessions for you and your family with your Dog or Puppy. This is...

Study Halls (Group Classes)

Group Dog Training classes focusing on training, sociability, and engagement in a...

Doggie Detention (Behavior Modification)

Is your dog jumping, biting, or growling and you've tried everything and simply cannot...

Boarding School (Board to Train)

A Dog Training staycation! Full-immersion regimens built for puppies and dogs that...

K9 Specialty & Protection Services

Precision Obedience, Tactical Obedience, Protection, Tracking, SARs, and much mo...

Doggie Detective School (Scent Detection/NARCS/Tracking)

Teach your dog to search and locate Drugs, Bedbugs, Explosives, Antler Sheds, and more! The possiblities are virtually endless when it...

Dog Training in Elyria, Ohio
Lorain County Dog Training

EPK turned our agressive dog around in THREE weeks! Even after the 4 other
trainers gave up and told us 'there was just no hope for him'. EPK did an
amazing job and kept us from having to put him down. Thank you so much!

Our Dogs (This page is Under Construction)

Here you will find some of our personal dogs along other various canines we have trained and/or owned both past and present. If you would like to put in a special request or place an order for a particular breed to be trained for your family or organization, or there is a certain regimen of specialized training you'd like for your dog, feel free to Contact Us at anytime and let us know what you have in mind.

NOTE: Many times we may have availability on finished dogs, green dogs, and puppies that aren't updated or listed on our website right away. So, if you don't find what you're looking for on our site, do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will gladly let you know what we have available. We can also assist you in finding what you need otherwise, even if the canine isn't coming or purchased through us. Whether it's consultation help or selection assistance you need, when getting a new dog through other means or training centers we will gladly help you along the way nonetheless - we are truly here to help and no pressure sales or obligations required.

Personal Protection Dogs For Sale

Prost Zeikiel Von Eschbach PERSONAL/DEMO K9

Working Male: Obedience & Protection

Amazing Belgian Malinois

Tauarai Hershitel Von Eschbach Working Candidate

Trained for: OB, Tracking, Protection (IPO)

Elite Belgian Malinois


IPO3 - 2017 SWNationals 4th Place (AWMA)

Protection Trained Dog


Working Female: Protection/Carjacking/Tracking

PPD candidate

Marliea Von Eschbach Working Candidate

Working Female Candidate In Training -Sold-

Elite Malinois Training

Enzo "EJ" Junior Working Candidate

Working Male Candidate In Training -Sold-

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